November 2023 NEW PLR Lead Magnet Kits By Automated List Profits.

This months November 2023 NEW PLR Lead Magnet Kits by Automated List Profits.

The first PLR Lead Magnet Kit titled: “Boxed Bounty” is a 38 page report that contains top strategies of the Explosive Growth of the subscription box industry and why now is the golden time to dive in!

The second PLR Lead Magnet Kit titled: “Funnel Fortunes” is a 38 page report that will teach your subscribers how sales funnels can turn your online business into a revenue-generating machine, even while you sleep!

Remember, Each PLR Lead Magnet Kits includes…

  • A 20-30+ page fully editable professionally written report,
  • Ready to upload lead sucking squeeze page,
  • 7 Copy/Paste Follow-up Emails.

And you get TWO Kits each Month!

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November 2023 NEW PLR Lead Magnet Kits

Take a closer look at this months new PLR lead magnet kits for November 2023.

#1: Boxed Bounty

Unlock the secrets to subscription box success & maximize profits!

Boxed Bounty NEW PLR Report for November 2023 by Automated List Profits

Subscription boxes are not just a trend; they have become a booming market, offering unprecedented excitement and opportunities. Whether it’s niche collectibles or everyday essentials, consumers are reveling in the joy of regular deliveries, propelling subscription boxes to one of the fastest-growing business models.

The appeal is two-fold. For customers, it’s the anticipation of receiving curated ‘gifts’ at their doorstep—an experience that combines surprise with value. For entrepreneurs, it means predictable revenue, strong customer engagement, and the chance to build a lasting and impactful brand.

In just a few years, the subscription box market has skyrocketed from niche providers to a multi-billion-dollar industry, attracting big names and innovative startups. What makes it even more compelling is its widespread appeal, attracting everyone from busy professionals in cities to parents in suburban communities.

The business model’s profitability is not just promising; it’s proven. Subscription box companies enjoy repeated sales without the constant need for new customer acquisition. Once a customer subscribes, they become a steady source of revenue, reducing the high costs associated with acquiring new customers and allowing businesses to focus on retention and organic growth.

This 38 page special report offers insights, strategies, and actionable steps to help you carve out your unique space in this thriving industry. So, get ready to explore the world of boxed bounties!

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#2. Funnel Fortunes

Master the art of sales funnels and transform your business!

Funnel Fortunes, NEW PLR Report for November 2023 by Automated List Profits

A sales funnel is a series of stages that a prospective customer goes through, starting from the first interaction with your brand to the final purchase. Each stage of this funnel is a vital touchpoint, an opportunity to influence decisions, build trust, and guide the customer closer to a sale.

But here’s where the true power lies: profitability!

When executed correctly, sales funnels don’t just increase sales; they maximize the average transaction value, turning one-time buyers into repeat customers and maximizing ROI from marketing campaigns. Businesses have reported staggering growth rates by merely fine-tuning their funnels, leading to sustainable and scalable revenue streams.

This 38 page report was created to serve as your comprehensive guide to understanding and implementing sales funnels so you can finally maximize your income and scale your online business.

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