October 2023 Automated List Profits Lead Magnets

This months October 2023 NEW PLR Lead Magnet Kits by Automated List Profits.

The first PLR Lead Magnet Kit titled: “Micro-Moments” is a 37 page report that contains top strategies to engage shoppers and capture lost sales. It’s that split-second decision window when a potential buyer decides to stay on your page, click that product, or – most crucially – proceed to checkout.

The second PLR Lead Magnet Kit titled: “Recurring Profits” is a 45 page report that will help your subscribers understand the power of subscription websites for an unstoppable revenue stream!

Remember, Each PLR Lead Magnet Kits includes…

  • A 20-30+ page fully editable professionally written report,
  • Ready to upload lead sucking squeeze page,
  • 7 Copy/Paste Follow-up Emails.

And you get TWO Kits each Month!

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October 2023 NEW PLR Lead Magnet Kits

Take a closer look at this months PLR lead magnet kits for October 2023.

#1: Micro-Moments

Discover top strategies to engage shoppers and capture lost sales for maximum profit!

Micro-Moments PLR Lead Magnet by Automated List Profits.

Today’s average shopper is empowered, informed, and expects the best experience at every touchpoint.

They are continuously surrounded by a plethora of choices, have the power to compare products and prices in real-time, and can switch from one brand to another in a heartbeat.

Such behaviors highlight an urgent question for every online business owner:

How can we secure a sale before a potential customer changes their mind or gets distracted?

The answer lies in understanding the critical moments leading up to a purchase.

Believe it or not, every online shopper experiences a myriad of tiny, yet impactful moments – we call them ‘Micro-Moments’ – that collectively influence their final decision to either complete a purchase or abandon their cart.

Recognizing and acting on these moments can make the difference between a soaring sales graph and a dismal one.

This 45 page special report aims to dive deep into these micro-moments, understanding their nuances and learning how to harness their power to combat cart abandonment.

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#2. Recuring Profits

Harness the power of subscription websites and unlock an unstoppable revenue stream!

Recuring Profits PLR Lead Magnet by Automated List Profits.

From the early days of e-commerce where businesses merely mirrored their offline offerings online, we’ve now entered a time defined by strategic innovation and deep-rooted customer relationships.

One such ground-breaking strategy that has significantly shaped the online business landscape is the subscription model.

In its essence, a subscription-based approach allows businesses to offer products or services on a recurring basis. This could be monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The beauty of this model is its simplicity, yet the underlying layers of strategy and data-driven decision-making are extremely intricate.

It’s this mix of simplicity and depth that makes the subscription model not just viable but exceptionally lucrative for e-commerce businesses.

This 45 page report was created to serve as your comprehensive guide to understanding and implementing e-commerce subscriptions so you can finally maximize your income and scale your online business.

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